Advantages of the blockchain system Eon

Flexibility and Effectiveness

Flexibility and effectiveness of the technology are achieved through a lowering of the load on the EON platform. The decentralized network assumes the critical function connected with safety. At this time, the less critical data, such as avatars and pictures, are stored with external service providers. This architecture allows for a wide range of options to be implemented, which are displayed on the “Solutions” page.


In order to provide security for the EON technology, the NaCl library is used. The algorithm of the electronic signature Ed25519 is used as a quick and strong option on the elliptical curves of EdDSA. In this way, the EON blockchain is secure against different types of cyberattacks, which is of the utmost importance today.

Consensus — DPoS

The consensus of the EON platform is realized by the Delegated Proof of Stake principal — DPoS. Any EON user has the ability to deploy a peer instance on a local computer and/or a VPS, therefore becoming a part of the EON distributed network. As a reward for the support of the infrastructure of the network, the owner of the node (peer) will receive a reward in EON — commission for the transactions.

Digital asset

EON is not only a technology used to solve the problem of safety of the interactions of external services and the exchange. EON is the digital asset with fixed emissions. Blockchain has the maximum transparency, in which every user can rely on.

Proprietary code

Not all elements of EON are public and accessible. The decision has been made to divide the projects into public and private, this allows for the application of the platforms in banking, insurance and financial sectors. Regardless of such divisions, all elements of the platform, which are connected with the processing of transactions, remain open.


In EON, every user becomes a part of the network and raises his own peer instance. We are interested in keeping the EON Blockchain decentralized. Many advantages of decentralized blockchain communities have been discovered through the study of Bitcoin.


In the architecture of EON technology, there is a large potential for scalability. EON is built in such a way that even with a serious load and a large number of transactions, the core is small and slowly gets larger. All information, that could potentially lead to the fast growth of the blockchain remains outside of the system on third party services.

3 types of blockchain-projects on EON

Private blockchain project

  • processing in Exscudo
  • secure corporate messenger
  • internal value registry

Public blockchain

  • acceptance of bets and distribution of winnings
  • chat for secure communication
  • investment instruments
  • system of intellectual property protection from changes

Open blockchain

  • modern cyber currencies
  • digital assets

EON Technology provides opportunities for
the implementation of various solutions:

Projects working on EON

Exscudo —
NextGen Financial Ecosystem

The Financial ecosystem, an exchange component that uses the EON technology, which provides a high level of security, speed, and scalability.

More about Exscudo

Fintap —
decentralized messenger and multicurrency wallet

The Fintap Project unifies 2 high demand applications in one: multicurrency wallet and decentralized chat.

More about Fintap