Exscudo is the new gateway between the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency market. It consists of an elaborated but easy-to use Stock exchange, Fintap — an app that unites the functions of a messenger and a wallet - as well as merchant solutions, trading terminals, and bank cards. All these products are connected into a joint financial ecosystem. This allows users of different levels to cooperate easily with each other.

The Exchange is based on its own proprietary platform that is absolutely safe, fast and fully compliant. The system meets all international banking standards. All transactions run within the system without third-party services. The Exchange delivers an ultimate trading experience due to an adaptable user interface that is extremely easy-to-use for beginners but professionally multifunctional for experienced traders.

To gain independence from third-party developers, Exscudo is built the EON network. This technology allows Exscudo to handle transactions between the Exscudo Stock exchange and international banks, as well as cryptocurrency wallet users and fiat accounts holders. EON is the blood that fuels the whole system.

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