Chat, Messenger

EON Technology allows user to transfer text messages through a decentralized network, protecting data from interception and decryption, without additional pressure on the EON blockchain itself.


EON technology reduces expenses in the transactional sector and raises the productivity of the network to up to 10,000 transactions per second without losing safety and reliability. Complete transparency and legitimacy of data, which could have been “added” to the existing system of document flow.


EON digital assets have functions that can create a safe exchange of digital assets and coins, such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Registries of favorite formats

Any registry can be developed with the blockchain solution from EON. This will provide guarantees of security, reliability and transparency for all system users. With this solution, a property registry can be developed, for example: accounting for automobiles, insurance plans, and so on.

Smart transactions

Program the algorithm and build your own work processes. Smart transactions are captured in the blockchain, a high level of trust is guaranteed by the technology itself. Smart transactions are analogous to smart-contracts, but safer.

Systems of control and safety

Time keeping in organizations, digital keys to assets, membership in organization, conservation, and security of intellectual property.


Vote counting and verifiability can be realized as internal voting in any kind of company, organization, or even for an entire government.