How to connect to the EON blockchain testnet.
Comprehensive instruction.
1. Generate a passphrase (seed) – 32 random bytes in HEX:
  • Recommended method: openssl rand -hex 32
  • Easy method: eon seed
2. Download the client:
3. Configure the client (config.json):
  • Enter the generated passphrase in <SEED>: “seed”: “<SEED>”
  • SEED is secret information used to generate a key pair. Keep it private.
  • Configure the client to Mainnet using the following URL:
4. Register on registration portal with your public key:
  • To get your public key and Account ID call: eon info
  • In the output pay attention to the following fields:
    1. New account: EON-……..
    2. Public key for account: ……..
  • Command output example:
> eon info
Client for EON peer, 2017 v0.10
command available to use:
refill, withdraw, payment, new_account commited, uncommited, state, attributes, info, seed

EON account from seed
     Seed:  3744ae15cf119f92f09c9dedd05ba75469c83888daf2fc855e7a5f0895edd965
     Account:  EON-GUNFH-TF5TS-XACVY
     Public key:  6f4d850fac5ad31cf5316f0b53d71e622337237078893c26491d09ac85753fe3 
5. Confirm your email.
6. Wait until the registration is completed. Now you can use your client! Coins will be automatically transferred to your account.